Watch a brief video on the history and teams
responsible for the discovery of Immunoglobulin E.

View a slide show from our recognition dinner for two scientists who helped to discover IgE, Professors Hans Bennich and Gunnar Johansson.

Timeline of Discovery

Meet the Scientists

Thanks to the groundbreaking identification of the IgE antibody, an entire scientific field has bloomed around diagnosing, researching, treating, and relieving the symptoms of allergy and asthma.

Five decades of innovations and advancements

The history of diagnostic allergen sensitization testing has a celebrated lineage that reaches back through Thermo Fisher and Phadia, which developed the first commercially available test for allergen-specific IgE antibodies shortly after the discovery of IgE, and continues to develop some of the most routinely used solutions for immunodiagnostics in the world.

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As a milestone, the 50th anniversary of the discovery of IgE provides an opportunity to look forward towards the future of our field and the promise of further evolving technologies. Thermo Fisher Scientific is committed to seeing this rich history continue to reveal even more exciting developments that will improve diagnosis, treatment, and the quality of life for everyone affected by allergies and asthma.